67 year old Richard from Lagos State, Nigeria was devastated when he was diagnosed with Prostate and enocarcinoma (cancer) of immediate grade. He had gone to his urologist for just a routine check up because he was having difficulty in swallowing food and passing urine for the last couple of months. A routine Prostate specific Antigen (PSA) done was in range of 15ng/ml.

Richard went to Abuja, for an opinion. He consulted various hospitals and doctors which included several urologists, surgical oncologists and radiation oncologists. The options given to him included wait and watch, bilateral orchidectomy (removal of both testis), Radical prostatectomy (seed/ HDR implant). The opinions were so varied that the family could not take decision for weeks.

There after patient consulted Treatment Traveller where he was advised by the experts to get treatment in India at Medanta hospital, Delhi as all treatment options were present there and he was also told a full team of doctors decide on a treatment in the tumor board.

Richard’s medical advisor at Treatment Traveller, Dr. Priyanka told him about treatment called radical prostatectomy by robotic-assisted procedure. Something which is non-invasive and very precise radiation is delivered robotically with practically no side effects. Dr. Priyanka asked Richard to come to India for treatment as it was unlikely that this treatment option would be available in Nigeria.

After going through all the treatment options Richard decided he would go in for radical prostatectomy by robotic-assisted procedure as he found it to be best treatment modality in his opinion. He visited Delhi on May 16, 2017 and was received by Treatment Traveller’s agent Mr. Vinod. There after Richard was taken to the hospital where he met his doctors and was briefed about radical prostatectomy.

As Richard was admitted for check-ups and diagnosis to start his treatment Richard was anxious about his wife, who also was a patient and came for her treatment in India. When he came to know that Treatment Traveller team had already took care of everything starting from accommodation, food and travelling, he immediately expressed sense of relief.

In the treatment procedure first the Radiation Oncologist contours the prostate gland, bladder and rectum. Second, the medical physicist puts on the treatment beams. The treatment plan was finalized and Richard was asked to come for operation on July 4, 2017. He was asked to have a light breakfast before 8 am and report for treatment at 10 am. He was also asked to take laxative the previous night and antacids. This preparation is a very important part of the treatment as improper bowel evacuation and gas in the bowel can interfere with the accuracy of the treatment.

Richard completed his treatment on schedule. He had initially booked his tickets for September but as he did not have any side effects he preponed his journey to August after his wife’s treatment as well. He was advised to have a PSA after 3 months which will confirm that the PSA had come down to normal values.

Richard reported back to us. His PSA which he did soon after going back was 1ng/ml which shows good progress. “There were practically no side effects during and after the treatment”, says Richard.

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